Why You Should Install an Insulated Garage Door This Winter

If you’re like thousands of Florida residents whose garage doubles as extra storage space, insulating your overhead doors might not seem necessary. After all, winters in Florida are nothing like what they experience in the northeast part of the country.

But every time you enter your house from the garage with uninsulated overhead doors, you let some of that cold air inside your home. At the same time, some of the heat escapes your house.

Consider how many times a day or week this occurs. Over time, the heat transfer causes your furnace to use more fuel and energy in order to maintain your home environment at a comfortable level. Consuming more fuel and using more energy translates to higher energy bills for you. Installing insulated garage doors eliminates this huge source of potential heat loss for your home.

Add an Extra Layer of Protection

If you store books and wooden furniture in your garage, we strongly recommend installing insulated overhead doors. Florida winters are typically characterized by sudden extreme drops in temperature. This creates a damp atmosphere that can damage your books and cause your wooden furniture to warp. Maintaining a relatively even temperature in your garage creates an environment that will help protect the items you have stored in your garage.

Installing insulated overhead garage doors makes even more sense if you use your garage for something other than just parking your vehicle and extra storage. If you use it as a workshop, you want to protect your tools and project materials from the effects of a wet and cold Florida winter.

Here at Overhead Door, we have more than 60 years of experience in installing, maintaining and repairing ​overhead garage doors in Tampa and the surrounding areas. Our experience and wide range of innovative, well-crafted and durable products are second to none in the industry. We are a trusted Florida garage door company with a reputation that is not only well-known and highly regarded in the field, but more importantly, hard-earned and well-deserved.

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