When Should You Replace a Garage Door?

Usually, the garage door to your residence is durable and lasts for the life of the home. The garage door at your house has miraculously withstood extreme heat, wind, rain, years of opening and closing, and maybe even a car bumper lightly knocking into it.

However, there are cases when a garage door is vulnerable to damage, requiring repairs to be made to the structure and its components. Also, the type of garage doors Florida homeowners have can make a difference in the likelihood of one needing replacement. In some cases, the age of the garage can necessitate renovations. Here are a few specific reasons why a garage door replacement may be in your future:

  • The garage door has broken, cracked, or missing windows. If you had to insert pieces of plywood in place of all the windows, it is necessary to replace the garage door. Not only is this unattractive, it is also a home security issue.
  • The garage door looks dated. Updating your garage door to a contemporary style can work wonders for your home’s curb appeal and increase its value. These days you can install a door that has a variety of architectural details and window treatments.
  • The garage door is not insulated. If your garage door is not sufficiently insulated, it can affect your energy bill. Rooms that are adjacent to a non-insulated garage may have trouble remaining at a comfortable temperature. By installing an insulated garage door, you’ll save money on heating and air costs.
  • There garage door does not have an automatic opener. If you have an older garage door without an automatic opener, it may be beneficial to replace the old door and install an opener on the new door. The outdated door may not be compatible with an automatic opener, or it may be in a high state of disrepair.

Replacing your garage door is a worthwhile investment for the sake of convenience, security and aesthetics. For garage doors Florida homeowners love to show off, contact Overhead Door in Tampa at 813-280-0034.

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