Understanding the Parts of Your Garage Door

If you are like most people, you have probably never given any thought into how your garage door works. You just click a button in your car and the door automatically opens and closes. Though it may seem simple, there are actually plenty of moving parts and mechanisms that allow this to happen, things that will be in your best interest to understand if something ever goes wrong.

As a leading Tampa garage door repair company, Overhead Door Tampa is your one-stop shop for all your major service needs, but with a bit of know-how you should have no problem tackling the smaller fixes on your own.

As you can probably guess, automated garage doors are much more complex than fixed models, but that does not mean the latter are any less confusing to the average homeowner.

Garage Door Parts 101

The first major component of your Tampa Overhead Door and also one that is best left to the pros in the event of a problem are the springs. The two subtypes are torsions and extensions; the former winds/unwinds and the latter stretches/contracts.

The job of both types is to counterbalance the door’s weight when it opens and closes, so they are under constant pressure. Never attempt to fix a malfunctioning spring, as this is highly dangerous and can cause serious injury.

Automated garage doors are equipped with a motor that delivers the right amount of power to the network of moving parts. The larger the door and the more doors your garage has, the more horsepower the motor will need to have to lift the weight.

Given the many benefits they offer, we recommend trackless garage doors to all of our customers. If yours is equipped with a track, just know that this is what the door is hooked up to when sliding (via rolling wheels). The main reason trackless models are becoming more and more popular is easier maintenance and one less part to worry about replacing.

If you have any questions concerning what roll-up doors are best for your home, be sure to get in touch. We can help you select the right model and also offer installation services.

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