Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Spring is the perfect time to clean out your home and your garage. However, the garage is often a daunting mess to face. Sometimes, it can be so filled with clutter that you can’t even use it to store your car — and that just won’t do. Our Tampa overhead door experts recommend that you take a deep breath and follow some very simple steps.

Assess the Mess

The first thing you will need to do is to take a minute to figure out exactly what sort of things you have in your garage. If you have the space, the easiest way to do this is to remove everything and go through it as you do.

Create separate areas for items you want to keep, items that need repair, items you plan to sell, items to donate, and trash. Our roll-up doors specialists encourage you to remember to keep all toxic items and recyclables in special areas to ensure that they are handled properly.

Take Action

Once you have your mess categorized, take the appropriate actions for each category. Throw out the trash, sell and donate the things you don’t want, and repair anything that needs to be fixed. At this point, you can start organizing the things you want to keep.

Organize It

There are countless ways to actually organize the items you want to keep within your garage, so be creative and find solutions that will work well for you. Many people like to have a pegboard on the walls to store their tools.

Having a tall, well-secured set of shelves can also provide you with a convenient storage area. Using storage bins is a great idea, but you should either make sure they are clear so that you can see the items inside or they should be clearly labeled.

We’re happy to share our knowledge about installing, repairing and even cleaning South Florida garage doors and garages, so feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have!

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