The Importance of Garage Door Spring Maintenance

Maintenance of Garage Door Springs

The torsion spring is an integral component in a garage door assembly. The spring is wound around its center and twists on its axis to gain and release kinetic energy as the garage door is opened and closed. Since they are mechanical devices, your garage door spring should be serviced regularly to ensure the operation of the garage door remains safe and dependable.

Inspections and Adjustments

The garage door spring mechanism should be inspected every 12 months as part of a complete garage door maintenance program. Professional garage door technicians can identify worn metal parts or loose connections that may ultimately lead to a malfunction.Any maintenance and repair of garage door springs should only be done by a trained professional as it is very dangerous handling the springs and a heavy garage door.

The first step in maintenance service is disconnecting the power to the garage door opener and detaching it from the opener mechanism. A ladder is used to gain a better perspective of the torsion shaft, which is the long bar that the springs are wrapped around. End brackets connect to the shaft on both sides and allow for the free movement of the bar. The garage door can be lifted several inches to ensure the shaft is rotating smoothly. If it hangs or binds up, the springs will have to be removed so the shaft can be lubricated properly. This type of work should be done by a professional.

The next step in the spring maintenance process is to check the center mounting bracket. The center bracket is where the stationary brackets from the springs are bolted together. The center bracket mounting should be secure, and the rotation of the shaft should be unimpeded. Accumulated oil and grime can be removed, and the shaft may be filed if necessary.

The springs must remain stationary in the center mounting bracket when the door is opened. If they shift at all, the bolts joining the springs may need to be retightened. The bushings inside the center bracket can be lubricated with penetrating oil or graphite.


As part of a general garage door maintenance program, a small amount of lubricant should be applied to the tracks, bearings, shaft rollers and wheels. The springs require lubrication throughout the entire length of the device except for the last inch that precedes the winding bracket. If lubricant is applied to the winding bracket itself, the spring may unexpectedly unwind.

After the spring maintenance is complete, the door must be opened and closed several times to disperse the lubricant. Finally, the opener can then be reattached and plugged in.

Professional Maintenance Services

Homeowners should be aware of when their annual garage door maintenance needs to be scheduled but should not attempt to repair or replace broken garage door springs.. Our professional garage door installers have the skill and experience to ensure your springs continue to operate safely and reliably through many years of uninterrupted service. Schedule your garage door spring maintenance service today!


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