The Importance of Commercial Garage Door Repair and Replacement

Save Money and Create a Safer Workplace with Planned Maintenance on Commercial Garage Doors

Lifting Rolling Sheet Door for Metropolitan MinistriesFor any business, access and security are big concerns. The garage door addresses both of these concerns, but this leaves the business owner with a major responsibility. Repairing and maintaining this piece of equipment can help in avoiding unnecessary headaches. The garage door may also play a vital role in your day to day operations, so it makes sense to make sure it is always in good working order.

Curb Appeal

USF Sundome Doors with Bulls LogoA properly maintained garage door can add much to the look and style of your business. It might be one of the first things that potential customers notice. Commercial garage doors tend to be larger than residential types so they will quickly stand out.

Checking for Problems

A regularly used garage door endures a lot of wear and tear, but quality components will help to ensure that it will hold up. To keep a malfunction from interrupting business operations, check the door’s components. Some of the problems to look out for are:

  1. Damaged motor – every type of motor has a lifespan, so you shouldn’t be surprised if your door stops working at some point. You may notice signs before it quits completely, so call a technician.
  2. Twisted tracks – garage door tracks can weaken and begin to warp due to repeated use. Misaligned tracks can cause problems every time the door is used, so they will need to be replaced.
  3. Broken torsion spring – the torsion springs do the heavy lifting, so without them, opening the garage door will be difficult. This can seriously hamper you operations. Check these springs for rust and other signs of damage.

Professional Maintenance

DOOR_BugShield RollUp_01_568x302Since commercial garage doors do more work than residential doors, regular checks by technicians are essential. This will help to prevent delays which can drive up your costs. Talk to a specialist with experience in dealing with these types of doors. Any change in the way the door operates should be reported right away.

The commercial garage door should on the maintenance list for every business. With this type of equipment, spending a small amount now means avoiding major repairs later. If a replacement of the door or any component is recommended, it is best to follow that advice. The warranty you get should provide some additional peace of mind. Invest in the best garage door and associated equipment to keep your repair costs low.

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