How Does Summer Heat Affect My Garage?

In Tampa, the summer can get pretty intense. Humidity and heat that rarely dips into the high 80s combine to make life sweaty and unpleasant for you. But did you know that these forces can also affect the way your South Florida garage doors operate?

Heat and Humidity

12_sweatThe sweltering heat and humidity of a Floridian summer can easily make your garage heat up to 100 degrees or hotter, and the electronics running your garage door operators are not always equipped to deal with those kinds of high temperatures.

If your garage door doesn’t function properly when the mercury begins to rise, you will need to call one of our technicians out to inspect your opening system. You may need to have it adjusted for sensitivity or for limits of travel so that it can withstand the heat.

Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can also cause an increase in the heat within your garage, which makes it even worse when the temperatures begin to rise. If your garage doesn’t operate properly in the morning or afternoon when the sun is hitting your garage door, it may be because of interference from sunlight. The sun can cause the aforementioned issues with heat, but it can also make the garage door opener believe that there is an obstruction occurring, causing it to not shut properly.

Summer Storms

With the heat, naturally comes summer electrical storms. These storms can produce lightning strikes and power surges, which can affect how your Tampa overhead door works. We encourage you to plug your garage door operator into a single-plug surge protector to help protect it from electrical irregularities. You can easily find these at your neighborhood hardware store.

If you do suffer from a surge without the proper protection, you may need to have your operating system replaced, so we feel it is far better to prepare.

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