Summer Garage Door Maintenance Tips

You probably don’t give your automatic garage door much thought except when you press the remote opener in your car and the door does not open up for you as you have come to expect. This can be especially troublesome when you’re coming home on a late night or a rainy day. Follow the helpful hints below to keep your garage doors operating optimally and avoid potentially hazardous situations.

Clean the Garage Door Track

When you hear creaking noises every time the garage door opens or closes, it’s time to clean the track. Simply take a damp cloth and give the garage track a thorough wipe, making sure you remove all the accumulated dirt and debris. Don’t use lubricants because they will only trap more dirt over time.

Maintain the Garage Door Properly

Remember to clean your garage door regularly. If you don’t wait too long in between cleanings, a damp cloth will usually suffice. If you live in a relatively smoggy area and a considerable amount of time has lapsed between cleanings, douse the cloth with brake cleaner for a more thorough cleanse. Be sure to wear latex gloves to avoid burns from the brake cleaner.

Sometimes you will need to apply lubricants to the garage door to get it to open and close more smoothly. Use a non-silicone based lubricant, or you can ask your garage door installer for the best product for this purpose.

Check Remote and Wall Switches

If you can operate the garage door without any problem using the wall switch but not with the car remote, you may need to change the battery in your remote control. Have a professional operator check your antenna if the remote control is still not working after you’ve changed the batteries.

If your doors operate with the remote but not with the wall switch, there may be an electrical malfunction in the switch. Call a qualified professional to check the electrical circuits in your wall switch.

Keep Your Sensors Aligned

If your garage door is not shutting completely, check the sensors and make sure they are aligned. Resetting your garage door settings may also solve this problem. Call in a garage door repairman if neither of these suggestions solves the problem.

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