Solutions to Three Common Garage Door Issues

Don’t Let These Common Garage Door Issues Go Unchecked

You use your garage door multiple times a day and you probably do not think about your garage door too much, especially if it has been working properly. However, there are multiple issues that your garage door can have and you might not be paying close enough attention to notice some of them. If you continue to ignore some of these common garage door issues, you may end up having to replace your garage door sooner than later.

You Hear a Thud When the Door Opens or Closes

A noise like a thud can be caused when the torsion spring or extension spring is broken or when the lifting cable is broken or close to its breaking point. There is an easy way for you to determine what the cause of the thud is. All that you need to do is inspect your garage door and look for broken springs or lifting cables. If you do see a broken piece, you will need to stop using your garage door immediately and call a garage door professional to fix it.

Your Garage Door is off its Hinges

If you notice that your garage door is off of its hinges, it can be because the horizontal tracks are out of alignment or the bolts holding the metal bracket are unscrewed. This is an easy fix for a garage door professional. This is not something you want to attempt yourself as the garage door could slip out of the tracks and come down on you. 

Your Garage Door Opens When It Wants to

The most common cause of your garage door having a mind of its own is that the batteries in your garage door opener remote are dying. Older garage door openers can also cause your door to open and close when you do not want it to. An older device may have the same frequency wave and transmission code as a neighbor and when they open their door, yours may open as well. You can simply change your batteries in the garage door opener remote if you believe that the cause is the batteries or if you have an older remote, you can change the code button on your remote, so it is not the same as a neighbor.

All of these garage door issues can be fixed quickly. If you run into one of these issues, give The Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay a call at 813-885-3667 for assistance. We have been helping homeowners with garage door issues for 65 years. Check our website regularly for coupons and discounts on services. We occasionally run specials for donations to certain charities that we’ve supported for years. Follow us on Facebook to see the latest in garage door safety and how to repair your garage door when it breaks.

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