Smart Home Technology From LiftMaster

2015.05_MyQLiftMaster_BlogSmart home technology is growing rapidly as home automation systems become more and more advanced. Some of these systems can be daunting and expensive, but you don’t have to dive head first into the deep end. If you are limited by budget, or are less technically inclined than your techie neighbor, dipping your toe into the pool of home automation can be as simple as installing a programmable thermostat or mobile gate and garage door remote control.

Introduction to Home Automation

Home automation is exactly what it sounds like – automating items around your house and controlling them from a central device (or devices) – and it is possible thanks to internet connectivity. Smart home technology can be as uncomplicated as setting up a lamp to turn on and off on command or as complex and controlling nearly every aspect of your home from a single tablet.
To get your feet wet in smart home technology, try LiftMaster’s MyQ Connected Home. The brand’s MyQ Technology enables you to open and close your garage door or automatic gate, turn the lights in your home on and off, and sends you notifications when you leave your gate or garage door open – all from your smartphone. You can even adjust the temperature in your home if you happen to have the Nest thermostat installed in your home. It’s the perfect introduction or addition to your home’s automation system at a very reasonable price.

Get LiftMaster MyQ Connected Home

At Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay, we sell and install the best brands, including LiftMaster. Our family-owned garage door company has been servicing this area since 1951 and we have remained an industry leader by staying up-to-date with smart home technology. Call us today at 813-885-DOOR and let us help you set up a home automation system!
For the month of February, we are offering a mail -in (or internet) rebate on LiftMaster MyQ smart home products. Contact us now for more information about our LiftMaster MyQ Connected Home rebate.

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