Resolving Your Noisy Garage Door Issues With Overhead Tampa

In an ideal world, your Florida garage doors would open and close quietly and easily every time until you decided your system was old enough to need replacing.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that is slightly less than ideal and our old garage door openers like to tell us all about it by groaning, shuttering, rattling and jolting as they age. These noises are often so loud that the neighbors can hear them, as can everyone in your home. Sadly, once these noises start, they often won’t stop until you replace the door opening unit.

Why the Noise Happens

Old openers suffer from being noisy largely because they use underpowered motors to try to open a very heavy door with an out-of-date chain-drive system. While they may have been quieter when they were first installed, years of daily use starts to make old motors wear down, forcing them to struggle to perform their intended task.

New and Very Improved

Modern garage door openers are light years away from the technology that was popular even a decade ago. Any garage door operator worth its salt will have a motor that is appropriately matched to the door on the garage so that it never has to struggle to lift or lower it. They also operate on your choice of a belt-drive, screw-drive or quiet chain-drive system.

It’s Electric

In modern openers, the internal components have all been switched to be entirely electronic so that you can have quieter starts and stops as you operate the machine. This electricity is provided by DC power instead of AC power, which you’ll find used in older openers.

By switching to DC power, these openers are able to operate more quickly and more efficiently, which means they also operate more quietly overall. Often, these motors will only emit a very low hum instead of the intense noise you used to experience.

If it’s time for you to upgrade your Tampa overhead door opener so that you can silence the noise of your old machine, give us a call. We can help you to find the right opener with the appropriate level of power for your doors and resolve your noisy door issues.

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