Residential Garage Door Problems in Tampa Bay

heavy garage door_fullYour garage door works hard to protect your investments. Time and the elements wreak havoc on the moving parts and electronics that make your garage door and garage door opener work harmoniously. Repeated use causes a breakdown of those moving parts if they aren’t properly maintained. Let’s take a look at a few common problems our clients face in regards to their garage door and opening system. We’ll also recommend some basic maintenance techniques to keep the entire system running smoothly for years.

All homeowners should be familiar with the basic components that make up the garage door system. A basic understanding of the system will allow you to troubleshoot common garage door problems more effectively. You may quickly realize that your troubled garage door opener doesn’t need to be replaced after all, only repaired.


If you discover one day that the remote isn’t working properly, the first thing you should check is the batteries in both the remote and receiver. Don’t automatically assume you have to replace the entire system if new batteries don’t provide a quick fix. Call us and we’ll troubleshoot the system to see if we can repair it instead of replacing it.

Wall Switch Problems

The wall switch is in place so you can open the garage from the inside without the remote. If the remote works but the wall switch does not, call us and we’ll see if we can repair it instead of replacing the switch. This is generally a quick and easy fix, even if replacement is in order.

Failing Safety Sensors

garage door photo eye adjustment

Safety sensors are in place to prevent entrapment. The photo eye may become blocked by dust, debris, or even bright light. You can test the functionality of the photo eye by blocking the line of sight between it and the garage door.



Inoperable Door

If the garage door simply isn’t working at all, the first thing to check is whether it is getting power. The interior electronics could be damaged if you can tell that the unit is receiving power but it is still not operational. The circuit board is very sensitive to power surges, so if the door opener simply stops working properly after a storm, it may have been damaged during the storm.

Call us at Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay at 813-885-3667 if you have a problem with your garage door and you’re unable to troubleshoot it on your own. We’ll send a highly qualified garage door technician to check it out for you. We’ll recommend a course of action that will have your garage door working at optimal capacity again in no time.

Garage-Door-RepairWe specialize in all types of residential and commercial garage door installation, maintenance, and repair. We have built a reputation of trust since our family started the business in 1992. We’ve seen many ups and downs, no pun intended, and we are proud to continue to provide excellent service in the Tampa Bay area.


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