Reasons to Remodel Your Garage and Replace Your Old Garage Door

Reasons to Remodel Your Garage and Replace Your Old Garage Door

dans-house_afterHomeowners use their garage for a variety of different purposes from storage to vehicle parking and maintenance. Regardless of the way you use your garage, you may be finding yourself thinking that you need more space. Here are several reasons to remodel your garage and replace the old, outdated garage door with a new one from Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay.

Great Place to Escape the Heat

The garage is generally a nice, cool spot to escape the Tampa heat. Install a refrigerator or keep a cooler stocked with your favorite beverages for a nice relaxing break from the great outdoors. A new, well insulated garage door will ensure that the cool garage stays cool. Overhead Door’s Thermacore insulated garage door is the top selling insulated garage door in the industry and can only be found at a Overhead Door “Red Ribbon” Dealer.


Consider adding a workshop to your garage. An addition to your garage can include anything you want, and most handymen enjoy having their own workshop with adequate space to store power tools and such.

More Toys

Tampa Bay is the perfect spot to have a boat, jet skis, and other fun watercraft. Don’t limit the number of toys you have simply because your garage is small. Add onto the garage so you can continue to collect things that make it worth going to work every day. Make sure to protect your investments with a high quality garage door.

Another Car

Growing families need more room for more vehicles. Add space for at least a couple of new cars. Teenagers get their licenses and need a safe spot to park them as they’re learning to be responsible adults. Teach your teenagers and other members of the family all about garage door maintenance.

Storage Space

complete-garageGrowing families need more storage space for stuff. Families collect stuff year after year, it’s just what we do. Don’t force yourself to throw away those little pieces of artwork your children gave you a decade ago, make more storage space for them.


Hide Clutter

No one wants to display extra tires, rims, and lawn equipment in the front lawn. Hide the clutter in the newly remodeled garage.

Home Value

We’ve save the best for last. Probably the most common reason to remodel the garage is to increase the value of your home with a bigger garage, a new garage door, or a new automatic garage door opening system. Special features in the garage increase the overall value of the home if you decide to sell in the future. A new garage addition or garage door can greatly increase your home’s value. In fact, upgrading your garage door is in the top four for ROI for home improvements.

Call Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay for your new garage door.

timthumbOverhead Door Company is available to all homeowners, commercial property owners, and commercial tenants who wish to purchase a new garage door, garage door opener, or a gate for their property. We specialize in all things related to garage doors. We often have specialty doors in stock and can deliver and install it the same day you order it. Call us any time at 813-885-3667 to discuss your garage door maintenance needs or to purchase a new garage door for your newly remodeled garage.


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