Prevent Garage Door Accidents with these Safety Tips

Some Garage Door Accidents Can Be Avoided

garage-door-on-top-of-carGarage doors are not toys. They are potentially dangerous pieces of machinery that must be treated with the respect due them. June was Garage Door Safety Month, but garage door safety tips are good in any month. Here are some garage door safety tips that will help you prevent garage door accidents at home.

  • Not Toys – As we stated earlier, garage doors are not toys. Most homeowners aren’t aware that nearly 100 children are injured by playing with the garage door every year. That’s a startling statistic where garage door safety is concerned.
  • No Rolling Under the Door – It’s always pretty cool to see actors, actresses, and stuntmen roll under the garage door at the last second to avoid impending doom. But this is very dangerous and should never be attempted.
  • Don’t Touch the Tracks – Nearly 200 people each year suffer injuries of varying severity because their fingers or hands get stuck in the tracks as the garage door is opening. Keep your limbs and digits far away from all moving parts as the garage door is being operated.
  • Watch for Sharp Edges – Garage doors are generally made of metal or fiberglass; these materials often have sharp edges somewhere. Pay close attention to where you put your hands and check for sharp edges before touching the garage door or any of the associated parts.
  • DIY Garage Door Repair – Please be safe when working with anything mechanical, especially your garage door. More than 1,600 people are injured every year as they try to repair the garage door without professional assistance.

Preventative Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – how many times have you heard that saying? How many times have you found it to be true? Preventative maintenance keeps our cars running smoothly, our teeth white and cavity-free, and our health problems under control. It only makes sense that preventative maintenance would keep your garage door safe as well. Give us a call at 813-885-3667. We’re located in the Tampa Bay area and provide all types of garage door repair and installation services to local homeowners and commercial property owners.

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