Prepare for Hurricane Season with a Free Garage Door Inspection

Living in the Sunshine State definitely has its perks. It is a melting pot of interesting and diverse cultures. It has several world-class golf courses and miles upon endless miles of sun-kissed coastal areas. When hurricane season descends upon the state, however, you want to be fully prepared. Keep in mind that more storms make landfall in Florida than in any other state in the country.

A Category 1 hurricane can pack winds of up to 95 miles per hour, while a Category 5 hurricane can reach 157 miles per hour and above. Hurricane Andrew was a Category 5 hurricane. It hit Miami in August 1992 and caused more than $30 billion in damages throughout the region.

Garage Door Safety

With more than 60 years of experience in the garage door industry, we know how destructive hurricanes can be. If those gale-force winds breach your garage doors, they can cause extensive damage. Recovering from such a disastrous setback can cost you thousands of dollars in clean up and repair. This does not even take into account the disruption to your professional and family life that such an event can cause.

We are the industry-recognized experts in installing and maintaining hurricane garage doors in Florida. Our extensive selection of wind load-rated hurricane garage doors meet the strict criteria set by Miami-Dade County. They are expertly designed and crafted to withstand wind-packing hurricanes, torrential rain, pressure changes, and a variety of wind-borne debris.

Right now, we are offering a free garage door inspection to help prepare our clients for the coming hurricane season. Our experienced and trained technicians will examine your garage doors carefully and thoroughly to make sure they can keep you, your family, and your possessions safe and dry.

Other Safety Reminders

Aside from making sure your garage doors are hurricane-resistant, remember to put away anything outdoors that is not tied down such as your lawn furniture, garbage cans, potted plants, etc. These can be turned into a flying projectile by the wind. With our sturdy and impact-resistance hurricane garage doors, you can store these items in your garage safely.

Trim shrubs and trees that are near or on your property. This will make them more wind-resistant. Cover all the windows in your house and secure your roof to the frame structure with additional straps or clips to minimize roof damage.

If you have any questions or concerns about the condition of your garage doors, call us before the winds come. As a leading Tampa garage door company, we want to help keep you and your family safe during this hurricane season.

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