What You Need When Starting a Food Truck

When it comes to mastering how to start a food truck business, there aren’t any rules set in stone. That’s the beauty of entrepreneurship, the opportunity to blaze your own trail. (But, in the case of food trucks, a blaze is something you do want to avoid!) If you are interested in starting a food truck, check out our tips and the equipment you will need along the way.

How to Build a Food Truck

Building a food truck is all in the planning. Metal roll up doors for food trucksIf you skip this step, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Start by making a list of all the equipment you will need inside of your food truck. List everything, including storage and any small appliances. Next, map out the layout of your kitchen and service area. Remember to design for speed – your food truck layout should allow you to prepare food and serve customers in the most efficient way possible.

How to Build a Food Truck Tips:

  • During the planning stages, don’t forget to include where you will need to cut into the truck for your serving widow and A/C and stove vents.
  • Include many enclosed storage areas for food and paper products. Make sure these cabinets have secure doors for when the truck is on the move. Consider metal roll up doors to conserve space.
  • Bolt large, loose items down to keep them from falling over while driving. Obviously, this includes fryers, refrigerators and the like, but also consider bolting down other bulky items like coolers.
  • Consider all the small print early on. Food trucks do require permits and licensing, so get the ball rolling on this paperwork early on. Also, be sure your kitchen layout is safe and free of fire hazards and that your service window is properly secured. Consider a metal roll up door for your service window to get optimal security.

Consider all of Your Options

There are many options beyond food “trucks.” After the planning stage, you will know exactly how much space you need. Step outside of the box and think about converting school buses, vans or mobile homes instead. However, just because you are starting a food truck doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. If you don’t want to convert a truck yourself, look into purchasing a used food truck or just renting one. No matter which route you go, using metal roll up doors will save space and secure your food truck and the items in it. Contact Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay for more information about metal roll up doors for food trucks.

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