Need More Space in the Garage? Build Up!

CHI-Garage-Door-Model-2250-51-4250-51--element34The best way to increase space in your home is to build onto it, right? The same is true for the garage. Garage additions are actually very popular, and they offer some pretty amazing curb appeal options. Depending on where your garage attaches to your home, you may be able to use the adjoining room as part of the garage and use it as storage. But most garages lead to a used part of the home, such as the utility room or the kitchen. So that idea is out the window for the majority of homeowners.

Many homeowners complain that their vehicle gets scratched in the garage because of children’s toys, lawn and garden tools, and other items that may fall against the car. There are several ways to tackle this problem, and they don’t all include having a massive garage sale. Let’s take a look at other great ways to add space to your garage.

Add on an Addition to Your Existing Garage

Build onto the garage just like you would any other part of your home. Your contractor would bust out one wall and add another good size portion to the garage.

54CH_CHI0010-1024x681Connect it to Your Home

Detached garages with 15 or 20 feet between the garage and the home could easily be connected to the home to add a good amount of square footage. So consider connecting the garage to your home if it is in a good position to do so.

Build Up

Build an upstairs storage area in your garage. This is a great way to move seasonal items and rarely used items out of the way. You can also move the workbench and several other very useful items upstairs to open up more space for your vehicle.

Building onto your garage increases the space for storage and for another vehicle if you were to purchase another. It also increases the overall value of your home in case you were to consider selling at some point. Another incredible benefit of building onto your garage is the opportunity to increase the curb appeal of your home. This adds yet another way you can show the unique quality and style of your home.

Contact Overhead Door of Tampa if you’re thinking about an upgrade to your home’s garage. A new Overhead Door garage door can help make that new addition stand out with amazing curb appeal, and one of our insulated models can even help with energy costs. We would also like to hear from you if you’re remodeling your garage to make it roomier and more useful. You can reach us at our Tampa office at 813-885-3667, our Daytona office at 386-226-3820, or our Tallahassee office at 850-386-3667.

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