Is Your Garage Door Ready for the Peak of Hurricane Season?

Rain Storms Flood Tampa BayWe’re in the midst of hurricane season here in the Tampa Bay area and have been experiencing over 20 days of rain! While the 2015 season is predicted to be below normal for Atlantic hurricanes, we want to address garage doors and storm and hurricane damage. Just a single hurricane or very strong wind can damage or destroy your garage door. Let us help make sure yours can stand up to strong winds and other damaging weather.

Hurricane Preparedness for Your Garage Door

A garage door is very similar to a moving wall because of the sheer amount of area it covers. It doesn’t have studs every 16 inches like the walls in your home, so the support to withstand harsh weather isn’t there unless you take precautions to make it stronger. Serious damage to your home and vehicles can result if the garage door collapses due to weather.

  • Garage Door Collapse – the garage door itself may come off of the tracks and be blown into the garage, landing on your vehicles and other belongings.
  • Vehicle Damage – damage to your vehicles can range from minor to severe or even totaling if the garage door hits just right.
  • Interior Damage – winds and rain will continue to pummel your garage, damaging the interior walls and everything you have stored.
  • Doors and Windows – any doors or windows that lead from the house to the garage may be blown out during a hurricane. This would open your home to damage.
  • Flying Debris – debris such as roofing material, siding, tree limbs, and signs cause serious injuries and damage during a hurricane. A collapsed garage door does not protect your home or family from flying debris.

Wind Load Rated Garage Doors

We sell, install, maintain, and repair the best garage doors available today. Technological advances in garage door functionality have helped create one of the most amazing garage doors we’ve ever seen. They will protect your garage and all contents from:

  • Hurricanes
  • Damage from high winds
  • Wind-borne debris
  • Relentless rainstorms
  • Internal and external pressure changes

We believe that every Florida household would benefit from one of our steel backed garage doors. Call us for a consultation and a no-obligation quote. We will examine your existing garage door and let you know what it will take to install a wind-load rated unit.

Hurricane Preparedness Steps

Garage Flooded in TampaYou may download our entire hurricane preparedness guide for full instructions, but here are the basics:

  1. Create a Family Disaster Plan and ensure that your family is familiar with it.
  2. Gather Disaster Supplies and have them readily available.
  3. Brace for Hurricanes
  4. Discuss Evacuation Plans
  5. Help Your Neighbor if You Can
  6. Keep Your Pets Safe
  7. Take Precautions to Protect Your Home
  8. Review Your Insurance to make sure your home and vehicles are properly covered.
  9. Safeguard Documents and Inventory. Important documents should be protected in a safe.
  10. Have a Post-Disaster Plan in Place and know where your family members will be and how to reunite with them quickly.

Hurricanes are no joke. They can cause serious damage and even completely destroy entire neighborhoods. Make sure your family and home are prepared in case disaster strikes. Call Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay for a Free Hurricane Inspection during hurricane season at 813-885-DOOR.

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