Interesting Garage Door Design Ideas

Think all garage doors look the same? Think again. Just because most of the homes in your neighborhood look basic and unattractive hardly means this is the way it has to be. A huge part of home ownership is taking pride in where you live. Your house is a canvas waiting to be painted. A majority of homeowners waste no time decorating their interiors but forget about all the creative options available for the exterior.

Door Decor for Your Garage

The work of one photographer in Berkeley, California, shows that many people are more than willing to put their artistic endeavors on the outside of their house for the world to see. Tom Dalzell spent years capturing more than 8,500 garage door designs throughout the city, and his now-finished compilation is turning heads.

One of Dalzell’s pictures is of a three-car garage with each door painted a different color. Instead of solid white fiberglass or hardwood, this particular homeowner decided to go with bright orange, green and yellow. It is hard to come home from work stressed when you are greeted with a color scheme like this. We have a feeling they did it to please local passersby as well because those doors definitely stand out.

The fun hardly stops there though. Many of the garage doors featured complete themes or full-blown murals.

The saying “We are only limited by our imaginations” could not ring any truer through the┬ávast collection of images that were found on the homes of those Berkeley residents. If a new garage door is a great way to enhance curb appeal and value, this artistic adventure takes things to a whole new level.

Who wouldn’t be interested in checking out a home that captures the beauty of Mother Nature on its garage? If one thing is for certain, it would be difficult to paint over or replace the hard work performed by the previous owner. Painted garage doors are about more than just making an individual property look good; they shed light on what true home ownership means.

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