Increase the Security of Your Home and Property with an Entrance Gate

driveway-gatesAutomated security gates are a wonderful way to add security to your property. A large dog is also a great way to increase security, but if someone really wants to break into your home, your dog may be injured while protecting his or her family. The installation of an automated security gate and a CCTV camera system is the best way to go to protect your home and family, including the dog. Let’s look at several great reasons you should consider installing an automated entrance gate.

  1. Security – Combined with a CCTV camera system, an automated entrance gate is an impressive first layer of security against robberies. Let’s say, for example, that you have an automated gate but your neighbors do not. Who is at a higher risk of being burglarized?
  2. Gated EntrancesAppearance – An iron entrance gate adds a sophisticated beauty to most home designs. Dress it up with several plants on each side and you have the makings of a beautiful entryway to your home.
  3. Value – The more you add to your home in terms of home security and curb appeal, the higher the property value goes. The more up to date and maintained your home is, the higher the property value will be.
  4. Safety – Children and pets enjoy playing outside. A lot of their play includes small vehicles with wheels, bicycles, and a variety of ball type toys. Balls and bikes often get away from them, so they chase them without really taking personal safety into consideration. Children and pets are often gravely injured by motorists who didn’t see them chasing their toy into the road. A gate would stop the toy, or at least the child or dog, from entering busy roads.
  5. Insurance – More security and higher safety standards don’t go unnoticed by most insurance agencies. Discuss an automated gate with your insurance agent and see if they offer discounted homeowner’s insurance if you take measures to make your property more secure.
  6. upload_gallery_image_943734_1258402921estate_gates_10_4ef0b3de1e80ePrivacy – “No Trespassing” signs only go so far to prevent people from walking onto your property uninvited. Some solicitors are ruthless in trying to make that sale, so they will simply stroll past a sign and pretend they didn’t see it. They can’t quite stroll casually past an automated entrance gate.

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