Important Tips to Protect Your Home from a Hurricane

These 3 Tips Could Help Protect Your Home in a Hurricane

Hurricanes are an issue for many parts of the Atlantic side, and the Tampa Bay area needs to be cautious from the beginning of June until the end of November. That seems like a long season, however, most of the hurricanes arrive during August and September. Our hurricane season is quite extensive which means our building codes must match the threat of damage.

Here are 3 tips to protect your home from a hurricane:

  1. Reinforce your windows and doors: If you do not have a hurricane proof garage door, you will want to reinforce your garage door before the storm hits. Stores sell reinforcement kits that you can use. Your windows should be covered with hurricane shutters or plywood that is between a half inch or three-quarters of an inch thick. Your entry doors also need to withstand the high winds of a hurricane, so we recommend that you install solid wood or steel doors. To keep these doors in place, you can add a third hinge to each door.
  2. Reinforce your roof: Before the storm hits, you should go up onto your roof to see if there are any loose shingles or other objects that can be torn off. We recommend also reinforcing soffits if you have them as well as gables.
  3. Prepare your landscaping: If you have any trees in your yard, you may want to remove the ones that could land on your home if they became uprooted or fall during a hurricane. Gravel may look nice in your yard, but it is a hazard when hurricanes hit. Those little pieces of stone can wreak havoc on your siding and windows and cause a lot of damage. If you have a shed or other small building on your property, we recommend that you anchor it to the ground before the hurricane hits.

This may seem like a lot of work, but quite a few of these things, like removing gravel, securing outdoor sheds, or reinforcing the garage door can be done once and then you never need to think about them again. The others will take time, but that time can mean the difference from your home surviving the hurricane or being torn apart and destroyed.

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