Hurricane prepped Garage Doors in Florida

In a violent storm such as a hurricane or super-storm, the garage door(s) of your home are often the most vulnerable part. This is because the garage door is usually the largest opening in your home, and if left unsecured, the garage door might be ripped away by winds of 100mph or more in a storm. This is why it is important to have hurricane garage doors in Florida, since Florida is a region so regularly struck by hurricanes and their destructive power.

Braces are the least expensive solution to having hurricane garage doors in Florida that are prepared for the turbulent winds of a hurricane. You should have at least one brace on a single car garage and up to three braces on double-car hurricane garage doors in Florida. These braces should be certified to handle the wind load of a Florida hurricane.

Another option for protecting your home by securing your hurricane garage doors in Florida is to purchase and install hurricane panels. Hurricane panels are usually made from either steel or aluminum and go outside of your hurricane garage doors in Florida to protect the doors from battery and to brace the doors, preventing them from being either sucked in or ripped out.

It may seem like an extra expense to protect your hurricane garage doors in Florida, but when you consider the potential losses from an unprotected garage door that could either be pushed into your garage or, even worse, ripped out of your garage to expose the inside of your home to hurricane winds, then it becomes obvious how important it is to have hurricane-ready garage doors in Florida.