Hurricane Garage Doors Florida Are Built To Protect Your Home

Hurricanes can do an incredible amount of damage to Florida homes and businesses. While not every hurricane season lead to significant damage to Florida homes, you can guarantee that there will again come a time when your home will have to withstand serious winds and torrential rains. When this happens, your garage door is usually the point where infiltration first occurs.

What Makes Hurricane Garage Doors Florida Different?

Some people assume that all garage doors are manufactured to essentially the same standards. One might use stronger materials than the other, but all function the same. This is not completely correct, however, and is something you should consider when choosing a garage door.

Hurricane garage doors Florida are manufactured with an understanding that 80 percent of damage to your home will start with your garage door. They may not be able to withstand a direct hit from the most powerful hurricanes, but then again, little of your home actually is. What they will do is decrease the possibility of damage from gale force winds, objects carried by those winds and the push of water from storms.

Having a hurricane garage door installed by a professional ensures that your door will meet the highest standards available. This includes impact rated panels that can hold up to objects, such as boards or other debris, traveling at high speeds. The brackets and other materials securing the door to your home will also be constructed of the most durable materials available, and secured in such a way to withstand severe winds.

It is important to understand that the slightest breach in the integrity of your home can result in pressurization that can literally take the roof off. When you choose a hurricane garage door, you are purchasing a product tailor made to resist these forces. When it comes to protecting your home and your family, every little bit helps.

We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing a reputable installer when you purchase a hurricane garage door. While it is possible to install a garage door yourself, working with a professional guarantees that the job will be done right. The risks of a faulty install are significant in these situations, making the choice an easy one. There are no guarantees against a hurricane – but you can certainly hedge your bets with a hurricane rated garage door.

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