How to Save Money on a Garage Door Repair

Sometimes, your automatic garage door can be a finicky thing. Maybe it mysteriously stops moving while in the middle of opening. Perhaps it stays stuck shut even after pressing the button on the remote, to open it. Or, possibly, the motor fails to turn on at all. Fortunately, companies like Overhead Door provide garage door repair Tampa homeowners can call upon in times of need.

On occasion, automatic garage door malfunctions do not necessarily require the aid of a repair man. In fact, there are a couple situations in which the homeowner can solve the problem independently; by doing this, you can save yourself a bundle of money.

One reason your garage door may not be working is if the safety sensors are blocked. The “safety eye” is a feature that automatically stops downward door movement as soon as an object crosses its path. These sensors are located on each side of the garage door frame, about six inches from the ground. Inspect the area to make sure nothing is blocking the sensors. Also check to see if the sensors’ LED indicators are lit. If the LEDs are not illuminated, the sensors may have become misaligned. To realign the sensors, adjust the mounting bracket.

Another issue that can cause your garage door not to work is if the wall station is on “vacation mode.” When that mode is activated, it disables the garage door opener. “Vacation mode” can be deactivated by the switch on the wall station. If you are unsure where that feature is located, check the garage door opener owner’s manual.

Troubleshooting these quick automatic garage door fixes can eliminate a lot of guesswork. If it turns out that you require further assistance, contact Overheard Door for garage door repair Tampa residents can trust. Call 813-280-0034 for all of your garage door installation, maintenance, and repair needs.

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