How to Hurricane-Proof Your Garage Door

If there is one thing we can count on happening in Florida, particularly in the Tampa Bay area, it is that we will experience extreme summer weather at some point during the season. Thunderstorms, lightning, tropical depressions, and hurricanes can do a damaging number on residents’ homes, and the garage is not exempt from the wrath of the gale-force winds that these storms can produce. When a garage door does get smashed open during a storm, water will flood the area and cause thousands of dollars in damages. Moreover, garage door loss is a top insurance claim residents make in the wake of a major storm.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to ensure that your garage door can withstand powerful summertime storms, and acting upon them can lower your hurricane insurance premiums.

One way to protect the home is with hurricane garage doors Florida homeowners have installed. This preemptive move guarantees that your garage door isn’t going anywhere. Hurricane-proof garage doors are constructed of impact-resistant materials like steel or fiberglass shell. The framework and track are impervious to wind trying to twist them out of place. Hurricane-proof doors can hold up against winds upwards of 130 mph.

If you do not yet plan on installing a hurricane-proof garage door, you can purchase a garage door bracing kit. This retrofitting option includes the braces and hardware needed for installation. A good brace kit will be a minimum 14-gauge weight. If you are handy, you can assemble the kit yourself. If you need assistance with putting the kit together, call a garage door technician to do the work for you.

Overhead Door in Tampa installs hurricane garage doors Florida homeowners trust will withstand winds as well as flying objects that may crash into the garage door. Most important of all, these garage doors will protect you and your family from harm. To get an estimate on hurricane-proof garage doors, call Overhead Door at 813-208-0034.

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