Guide to Routine Garage Door Maintenance

Your garage door needs maintenance just like every other appliance you own. By following some simple suggestions, you can be assured that your residential or commercial overhead door continues to perform properly.

Regular Maintenance of Moving Parts

Regularly inspect your garage doors rials and other moving parts. Look for any parts that have become worn, bent or broken. Look at the axles and make sure that they are secure. A quality lubricant should be applied to the rails and axles. You should also apply a light household oil to the hinges, rollers and springs. By keeping your overhead door in Tampa well-lubricated, it will not only perform better, but it will also open and close without as much noise.

Cleaning Your Garage Door

Your garage door requires periodic cleaning. You can use a standard household detergent and a sponge or a soft cloth to clean the door. To help keep your Tampa overhead doors clean, apply car wax and it will help repel moisture and grime from the doors’ surfaces.

Painting Your Garage Door

Keep your garage door looking its best by painting the door as needed. Before painting, inspect the door for rust, cracks or other damage. Caulk and seal any cracks or gaps that you find and sand away any rust spots. Apply a quality paint that is made for exteriors. Also make sure that the weather strip on the door is in good condition. If it is cracked, worn or loose, replace the strip.

By taking steps to ensure that your garage door is working properly, you can extend the life of the door and save yourself some aggravation. If you find that your garage door is not working properly, call a Tampa garage door repair service like Overhead Door Company to help you.

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