Garage Safety Checklist

One of the most important aspects of your garage door system is its safety. Overhead Door Tampa takes extra steps to ensure that each set of Tampa garage doors we install meets the highest possible safety standards, but you should regularly check your existing system to make sure that it is still safe.


Your garage doors should have a lighting system that activates every time you open the doors. This lighting system should shut off after a few minutes, regardless of whether you leave the doors open or shut them. This feature is standard on most garage door systems.

If you want to step up your safety, we recommend installing motion-detector-activated lighting in your garage to help you always ensure that you have light when you need it.

Accident Prevention

Most modern garage doors come with an infrared-activated accident prevention system. These systems work by stopping a closing door and forcing it to open whenever an object passes through the infrared beam. This will help you to avoid an accident occurring when the door is closing. Even old overhead roll-up doors should have some kind of accident prevention shutdown feature.

We recommend carefully testing your accident prevention system periodically. For modern units, simply pass something through the infrared beam as the door is closing. To test an older unit, give us a call.

Backup Battery

The worst thing in the world is coming home to a power outage and not being able to easily bring your car inside because your garage battery isn’t working—or worse, you never had one to begin with. Our Tampa overhead door specialists recommend installing an emergency battery unit that allows your garage to operate during a power outage.

If you have a backup battery already, be aware that batteries can go bad over time, even if they are not used. You should have your battery inspected every year when you have the rest of your garage door system inspected to be sure it’s still operational.

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