Garage Doors Florida Style: Top Materials for Longevity and Performance

Going for garage doors Florida style means going for materials best suited for the Florida climate. While Florida residents don’t typically have to worry about snow and freezing cold, they do have to protect against salt water corrosion and sunny, humid weather. Several garage door materials are up to the task while others fall gravely short.

Top Materials for Garage Doors Florida Style


It’s not a coincidence that steel is one of the top materials for garage doors not only in Florida but across the entire nation. Steel is strong, durable, performs well and carries a reasonable price tag. Another bonus is its ability to match you exterior décor, either by painting it to your desired color of opting for steel featuring different textures or designed to look like wood. Coatings can help the steel stand up to the salty air. Steel is, however, a poor insulator, although insulated steel doors can remedy that weakness.


Fiberglass is less common but no less suited for Florida weather. It, too, can be designed to mimic wood or painted to suit your tastes. These doors typically feature fiberglass panels in aluminum frames, adding to their strength and resistance to dents. While fiberglass is not going to rust, it may eventually fade. It could also benefit from a boost of insulation.

Not-So-Great Florida Garage Door Choices


Aluminum may be lightweight and inexpensive, but it’s also prone to dents and rust. It, too, can be painted and may be available in different textures and patterns, but the overall quality is low compared to its superior steel cousin.


Wood, once ruled as the most common garage door material, has long since lost favor when metal doors came along. Wood may look dashing at the get-go, but maintaining its attractive appearance takes a lot of work and regular refinishing. Wood is also prone to splintering, warping, and often fails to stand up to Florida’s hot and muggy climate. The material itself is a better insulator than steel, although insulated steel can still top it for overall energy conservation.

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