A few common problems with garage doors in Florida

Home owners benefit from knowing the basics of their own garage doors in Florida, because having a basic knowledge of the nature and function of garage doors helps them to know what problems they may be having, what needs to be done to resolve those problems, and how to better communicate with a professional garage door repairman. Knowing the foundation of common problems with garage doors in Florida sheds light on the repair process, and as we have all experienced, knowing just what is and isn’t needed for your repairs will always make you feel more comfortable and informed. This article is dedicated to one of the most common malfunctions with garage doors in Florida.

Remote and wall switch issues with garage doors

It happens sometimes that garage doors will not respond to either remote garage door openers or to the wall switch within the garage to open the door. There can be many causes for this, and in any case, it is also important to have one of our professional garage door technicians to execute any needed repairs. However, it is still beneficial for you to know the possible source of the problem so that you can better prepare yourself to understand precisely what the technician for your garage doors in Florida will be doing.

If garage doors are not responding properly to either the remote control or the wall switch, it is possible that the power source as been damaged or compromised. It is important that you make sure that the motor for the garage door is plugged in and to also check on the circuit breaker. A tripped circuit is sometimes the problem and can be very easily fixed.

If the circuit breaker is functioning properly for your garage doors in Florida and the motor is plugged in, you will need to contact one of Overhead Door’s technicians to come and examine your garage door and electrical system to find the route of the problem.

With Overhead Door, you never have to worry about getting the very best service for your garage doors in Florida. Our experience with garage doors is second to none, and you’ll see the benefits right away. We hope that you have found this information on garage doors useful and that it helps you in the event that you should have this particular problem. For all of your other repair needs for garage doors in Florida, rest assured that we’ll be there for you whenever you need us.