An Introduction to Garage Door Spring Replacement in FL

Understanding how the springs in your garage doors work will not only help you when discussing garage door spring replacement in FL, it will also keep you safe. Garage doors are much more dangerous than most people know. They are very heavy, and when the mechanisms that keep garage doors in place malfunction, it is possible for the garage door to fall upon a person near the door. A heavy garage door quickly falling upon a person could prove to be dangerous and even fatal.

Two types of garage door springs for replacement

There are two types of garage door springs that may need replacement. The first kind is the torsion spring, which is used in more sophisticated and elaborate styles of garage doors. These are more complicated when it comes to garage door springs replacement in FL. These springs are the more expensive of the two types of garage door springs but last longer with a lifespan of 15,000-20,000 lifts of the garage door.

The second kind of springs that might be needed for garage door springs replacement in FL are extension springs, which are more commonly used in American garage doors currently.  These springs are not only more common than torsion springs, they are also less expensive, but their weakness is that extension springs only have a lifespan of 5,000-10,000 lifts.

Our professional garage door spring replacement services in FL

Overhead Door’s team of professional garage door spring replacement specialists in FL have all of the tools and experience you need to replace your garage door springs no matter what kind of garage door you have. It is important to have professional help during garage door spring replacement for your FL home. These springs are very tightly wound, and attempting to replace them yourself could case one of them to snap, which is potentially a very dangerous risk.

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