Garage Door Replacement Cost vs. Value Analysis

If you are faced with the problem of having limited funds in your remodeling budget and more projects than you can currently afford, it is time to start prioritizing. You will always have time later on to complete less important home improvements, unless of course the goal is to maximize value now in order to sell soon. In that case, your primary goal should be to obtain the highest return on investment quickly.

Many homeowners naturally gravitate towards cosmetic upgrades in an attempt to woo buyers, but few of these end up being worth the time or money. They may look great, but most people put structure and security at the top of their list when browsing the market.

Get a Higher Return with New Roll-up Doors

Want to know a simple yet bulletproof investment? Upgrade your Florida garage doors!

This renovation has been consistently ranked as one of the best in terms of ROI by the Cost vs. Value Report issued annually by Remodeling magazine. Every year, they conduct a study on which projects give homeowners the best bang for their buck and believe it or not, nearly all of them are ones that boost a home’s curb appeal.

Keep in mind that this does not necessarily mean looks are the most important; a quality roof, front door and garage also symbolize responsibility. If someone is willing to invest in these aspects of their home, then they probably have taken good care of the rest.

In its most recent study, Remodeling found that garage door replacements (from an entry- to mid- to high-level upgrade) offer an average 75.7 percent ROI and are the second-best home improvement money can buy under $5,000.

Before you start price-checking new kitchen and bathroom countertops or consider buying new stainless steel appliances, make the smarter choice by upgrading your Tampa overhead doors. The numbers do not lie!

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