Garage Door Opener Problems and How to Address Them

5 Symptoms of Garage Door Opener Problems

Sometimes the garage door opener just won’t work and while this can be frustrating, most times the solution is very simple. We have come up with the top five reasons as to why the garage door opener won’t work and how they can be easily solved.

The wall switch doesn’t work, but the remote does.

Garage Door Opener Wall Button ReplacementIf the wall switch is not working, then the switch or the wires may need to be replaced. To determine if the switch is bad, the switch needs to be unscrewed from the wall. The two wires can be touched together and if the opener begins to run, then the homeowner knows that the switch is the cause and a new one needs to be installed. If touching the wires together does not work, then it is most likely the wires that are bad. The wires can be replaced using 18 to 22 gauge wire.

The remote is not working, but the wall switch does.

chamberlain-universal-mini-gargage-door-remoteThis may be the easiest of all of the symptoms to fix. The first thing that the homeowner can do is replace the batteries in the remote. Make sure to use quality batteries for a longer battery life. Choose rechargeable batteries for the convenience and environmentally friendly method. If changing the batteries does not work, then the remote will likely need to be replaced.

The door only lowers when the wall switch is held.

If the door only lowers when the wall switch is held, then the door sensors are either out of alignment or they need to be replaced. To check if the sensors are out of alignment, the homeowner needs to see if the light on each sensor is lit up. If there is no light, then the sensor will likely need to be replaced.

The lights do not work.

If the light bulbs are relatively new, then the issue is most likely a bad light socket. The circuit board will need to be removed, so that the old socket can be taken out and a new one installed in its place.

The door is not opening, but the carriage is moving.

Garage-Door-Opener-Carriage-Repair-300x164If the trolley carriage is moving, but the door will not open, the trolley carriage is broken. The first thing that needs to be done is the chain needs to be clamped to the rail and then separated from both sides of the trolley. Take the old trolley off and replace with a new one. The chain can then be reattached and the tension of the chain can be adjusted.

These are all fairly easy fixes for garage door openers, but if you are not sure of what you are doing or you simply prefer to hire a professional garage door installer and repair technician, give us a call at 813-885-3667. We’re located in the Tampa Bay area and provide all types of garage door repair and installation services to local homeowners and commercial property owners.

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