The many uses of a garage, from the experts in Florida garage doors

Converting your garage to gain some additional work or activity space is not a new idea.  Some very famous and successful enterprises started out in a garage work space. Think of Walt Disney or Henry Ford. The latter’s space originally was a coal shed, transformed into a garage that became the birthplace for his horseless carriage. And we all know what some pioneering young computer gurus came up with in their garage!

Today, garages are increasingly being used by homeowners as extensions of their living space. We’re seeing children’s play areas, workshops, hobby areas, laundry rooms and even mother-in-law apartments taking over what used to be reserved for the family vehicle.

As the garage space has evolved, so too have the capabilities of the overhead garage door. Nobody wants to work in a space that is too hot, too cold or too humid.  Fortunately, today’s overhead garage doors offer improved energy efficiency and better overall insulation. That’s important because improving the insulation in a garage benefits today’s homeowner in four key ways.

1.    Improved Climate Control

When people think of insulation, they used to think about the attic, basement and walls. Now homeowners are thinking about the garage. Especially in Florida, garage doors with proper insulation are a smart way to help control the temperature in your garage. If you’ve ever noticed that the air quality in your garage is not as good as the rest of your home, then you’re a prime candidate for a properly installed overhead garage door.

2.    Improved Energy Efficiency

Your garage is likely the largest room in your home that is not insulated. It’s also likely that your garage shares a common wall with your house – so it can be working against your heating and cooling system and unnecessarily increasing your monthly utility bills. Installing a properly insulated garage door helps reduce the amount of energy loss through your garage, which in turn helps make your whole home more energy efficient.

3.    Improved Resale Value

Having an insulated garage can be a major plus for potential buyers if you ever decide to sell your home. The potential of increased work or living space in a comfortable setting is always a good selling feature – especially if you live in an area that has cold winters or hot summers. You might also be surprised to learn that garage door replacement ranks very highly as a home improvement investment.

4.    Improved Space

Florida residents are coming up with all kinds of cool new uses for their garages. They are playing and recording music, creating serene studies, building climbing walls, starting clothing companies and more. With somewhat minimal work, you can transform your garage into just about anything you like. It all begins with quality insulation.

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