Fixing the Garage Door After A Hurricane

Hurricane Garage Door ResultsAs homeowners, we often find thing around the home that need repair after storm season. We never really know what types of damage our garage door may have suffered through a hurricane until the weather clears and we can really inspect it. Make sure to look it over both inside and outside before you attempt to open the garage door. Remove any debris that may be leaning against it before you open it to prevent potential damage.

Visible Damage

Heavy objects often fly through the air during a hurricane. The garage door is a very large area, so it suffers quite a lot of abuse during the average hurricane or tropical storm. Visible damage may vary from minor scratches to very serious problems that will cause issues with the way the garage door operates. If you notice visible damage and you want to make sure it hasn’t affected the functionality of the garage door, call us for a quick analysis.

Tension Rods and Tracks

One of the most common issues that you need to watch out for is the tendency for door and openings to get sluggish. When you reach to open the door or you hear the motorized opener struggle, something has gone wrong. In some instances it’s the tension rod. In other situations may be damage to the track. Whatever the case may be, it’s imperative that you call us for a consultation before matters get worse. The last thing you want is for the door to get permanently stuck halfway open or completely closed without any recourse.

Upgrading Doors and Automation

Hurricane rated garage doorUpgrading the garage door is a good thing. You don’t have to go very high tech either; you could go through a variety of different options and get the type that you want. The goal of course is to make it easier to open and close your garage door. Sometimes, the upgrade isn’t a matter of computer technology, it’s just an easier, lighter door, and track system. If you want to be able to open your door manually, an Overhead Door professional can make it so that you can do so. Furthermore, you can also get a stylish door that will give your garage a bit of a push in terms of curb appeal. This simple upgrade goes back to basics, and is beyond the notion of just throwing in an automated unit.

At the end of the day, it’s best to get to these things before they start to become a burden. It’s easy to overlook maintenance, avoid getting inspections and upgrading. Many homeowners assume the cost is going to be far out of their price range, but that’s not always the case. Many are actually surprised by how inexpensive a simple fix or even a subtle upgrade can be, especially when it comes to working on the garage opening away from the hurricane season.

Overhead Door of Tampa Bay works with homeowners in the greater Tampa area to install, inspect, repair, and replace garage doors at any time of year. We are now coming into the most active part of hurricane season. Don’t wait for a storm to hit. Give us a call at 813-885-DOOR and we’ll schedule a Free Hurricane Inspection for your home’s garage door.

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