Five Reasons to Hurricane Proof Your Garage Door

The Garage Door is Your Home’s First Defense Against a Hurricane

The opening of your garage is quite large and, if your garage door gets destroyed during a hurricane, there is nothing left to stop the winds and the rain from reaching the rest of your home. The damage and destruction that can be done can leave you devastated and possibly homeless.

Here are 5 reasons you will want to hurricane proof your garage door:

  1. As soon as your garage door is destroyed, the high winds from a hurricane will begin to enter your garage. Since the wind will be in an enclosed space, it will get stronger and begin to tear apart your roof and your existing walls.
  2. The rain will also be able to get inside your garage and it may cause flooding to the rest of your home.
  3. Any windows inside your garage, whether they are on the outside wall or the inside wall can blow out due to the high winds that are entering your garage through your now open garage door area. As soon as these windows blow out, even more wind can enter your home. The flying glass can cause cuts or other injuries to people and pets.
  4. Once the roof and walls of your garage start to get pulled apart, you and your family will be in danger of not only that debris as it falls, but other debris that is being blown around outside. Some of this debris can include street signs, siding, shingles, patio furniture, and more.
  5. During extremely dangerous hurricanes, there is a chance that the wind can be so bad that your entire house can be reduced to rubble, which is not good if you are inside.

Home improvements store do sell kits that you can purchase to reinforce your garage doors during a hurricane. However, these kits can be about half of the price of a hurricane proof garage door. We recommend that you speak with a professional about your options before the next hurricane season arrives. You should also speak with your home owner’s insurance company as you may find that your rates may decrease if you install a hurricane proof garage door.

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