Don’t Overlook These Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips

7 Important Steps to take this Winter Season

winter garage door maintenance tampaPeople often go into home ownership without realizing how many things need to be inspected and cleaned on a yearly basis. Winter garage door maintenance is one of the most-overlooked areas for home maintenance because we get into the mindset of if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Unfortunately that method of thinking leads to broken garage doors or garage door openers that need quick attention. Here are 7 winter garage door maintenance tips you can use to preserve the functionality of your garage door.

  1. Keep the garage door clean inside and out. The outside is where most of the dirt and pollen will gather, so clean it with detergent and water the same way you would wash your car. In fact, wash your garage door every time you wash your car, and it will look great year round.
  2. broken garage door spring replacementLook for broken parts and pieces. You should examine the garage door and all of the working parts so you become familiar with what you’re looking at. The more familiar you are with the way it should look, the better you will be able to recognize wear and tear.
  3. Tighten loose bolts or nuts on the tracks or hinges as needed. The normal use of the garage and garage door opener will loosen nuts and bolts over time. Check them on a regular basis to make sure they’re tight and working properly.
  4. Check the door’s balance. Disengage the automatic garage door opener and open the garage door to about waist high. The door should stay in place. If it moves one way or the other, the balance is off.
  5. Check the garage door opener’s safety reverse. Open the garage door completely and put a roll of paper towels on the floor in the center of the opening. Press the button to close the garage door. The door should automatically reverse when it touches the paper towel roll.
  6. Check the photo eyes that stop the garage door in case of an emergency. Wipe the eyes with a soft dry cloth to make sure they’re clean. Press the button to close the garage door and wave a mop or broom in front of the eye to break the beam. The door should automatically stop and reverse movement.
  7. overhead door garage door lubricantMake sure all parts are properly lubricated. Use a silicone lubricant spray, not grease or WD40. Grease or WD40 may drip onto your vehicle, the garage floor, or items you have stored in the garage.

Your garage door is no different from the chimney, dryer vent hose, roofing, or guttering system. It needs to be maintained throughout the year in order to continue to work properly. The garage door experts at Overhead Door in Tampa are available to maintain your garage door if you don’t have time for it. Take advantage of our $99 annual winter garage door maintenance special for a limited time. Contact Overhead Door of Tampa if you’re in the market for a new garage door and you live in our service area. You can reach us at our Tampa office at 813-885-3667, our Daytona office at 386-226-3820, or our Tallahassee office at 850-386-3667.

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