Don’t Overlook Proper Garage Door Maintenance Practices

993c3b99ce7a89ff86fde61a4de63a36Garage doors are easy to forget about because when they’re out of sight, they’re out of mind. Once you’ve had no problems with it for a day or so, why worry? Millions of homeowners think like this. They just rely on their doors opening and closing with no worries. That usually doesn’t pose an issue. But, if you are ignoring your door and you don’t really check in on the little noises it makes, like the occasional rattling, or you never lubricate the mechanics, disaster could strike. It’s important to maintain your garage door with a few simple steps because overlooking garage door maintenance is not a good thing.

Look For Stress in the Rollers

star door parts garage door roller replacementYour garage door has rollers. Listen and look at the cables and how the rollers are working. Pay close attention to the stress that you may hear or see, and any breaks that you may see along the chains or rails. If there’s an issue, repairs will be needed. When replacing your rollers, we recommend nylon rollers. They roll smoother and will last longer than metal rollers.

Tighten Screws and Bolts

Over time, screws, bolts, and chains can loosen up. Look at the components, and make sure that you tighten things up if you see them becoming loose. Some doors have markings on them with stickers that say “do not tighten”. If you have one of those, don’t do it. Read the manual if you aren’t sure.

The Balancing Issue

Here’s an interesting technique. The door that you have should be 100% balanced. How do you measure the balance of a garage door? Consider opening your door manually. Raise it up to your waist and look to see what happens. If nothing happens, then things are ok. However, if it falls or it raises 100% there’s a lack of balance that could turn into a dangerous situation.

Check the Safety Trigger

Every electric door has a safety sensor. To check whether or not the sensor is working correctly, put something in its view in a spot that would trigger a reaction. The door should reverse automatically when the sensor’s view is blocked. If your door doesn’t stop and reverse, there’s something wrong, and the safety trigger needs professional help.


608705_0122_lube__63094.1299872615.1280.960One last thing that you should consider is simple, lubricate the parts. Your door opener has metal moving parts. Add some lubricant to the moving pieces. This will help the movement, and maintain the parts overall. Do this often, and keep an ear and eye out as to what goes on with your door. Don’t use WD40 on chains or rails that go over top of your vehicle or you will have to wash the car several times until the drips stop.

Call Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay at 813-885-3667 if you’re interested in checking out our incredible line of garage doors or if you are in need of garage door repair. Our annual garage door maintenance plans can help extend the life of your garage door and garage door opener. You won’t find better service or quality products in the Tampa Bay, Daytona Beach, or Tallahassee areas.

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