Commercial Garage Doors Florida Must Meet Rigorous Demands

Commercial garage doors Florida have to be some of the toughest out there. While residential garage doors may see daily use and experience some wear and tear, commercial doors used in commercial and industrial applications have to function on a higher level. They have to stand up to rigorous, continuous use, and be durable enough to withstand random accidents. This requires using the toughest materials and construction in their manufacturing process.

The Demands of Industrial Use

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors may be opened and closed continuously throughout the day. Garage doors open either manually or with a garage door opener, but both methods work in tandem with counterbalance springs to do the heavy lifting of the door. In commercial garage doors, the most durable springs available are used to ensure performance no matter how many times you open the door. Combined with industrial grade bearings and rollers, your commercial door should open reliably for years.

Depending on your business, insulation may also be a factor you need to consider. Sectional doors are available with various degrees of insulation, defined by an R-value. Choosing a door with a high R-value is important if you need to keep heat in or out of an area.

Durability is also an important factor in choosing a commercial garage door. If you are in the manufacturing business, or any other type of industry involving heavy machinery, you want a door that will hold up to serious abuse. Sectional steel and fire rated doors are available that can endure strong impacts or high temperatures, depending on the needs of your business.

Overhead Roll Up Doors

Overhead roll up doors may also be an option to fit your needs. Roll up doors are excellent choices for security and durability. They can keep out intruders and withstand solid impacts due to their slatted construction. Using many small slats increases the strength of the door, and allows for easy rolling and unrolling for day-to-day use.

Commercial Openers

As with other commercial grade products, our commercial garage openers are manufactured to a more rigorous standard than residential models. Because they may be used continuously, and may be required to assist in lifting heavier doors, they are built with strength in mind. Getting in and out of your shop or business is important, and a commercial grad opener makes certain you can do so reliably.

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