Choosing a Garage Door that Will Withstand Hurricane Force Winds

New Garage Doors in Tampa Bay Required to be Impact Rated

hurricane damaged door tampa bayIn hurricane prone areas, such as here in Tampa Bay, the two major concerns for homeowners are flooding and wind damage. While flooding can be a major headache, it is wind damage that accounts for most insurance claims. The garage is a vulnerable spot, because once the door is breached, this can quickly affect other parts of the house. A hurricane garage door is a good investment. These are built to withstand not just strong winds, but also debris and large wind-blown objects. Doors not built for this purpose will receive significant damage in these situations. Here are some important guidelines for these types of garage doors that can help to safeguard your home.

  1. Contact your local building department to learn about the wind load requirements for the garage doors sold in Florida or the Tampa Bay area. Do not buy a door unless it meets these standards.
  2. Do not buy a garage door that has been modified to make it hurricane ready. Modifying your existing door may seem like a good way to save money, but it will be costlier when it is actually put to the test. Another possible problem is that the door may not be compliant with building codes.
  3. Before buying a garage door, talk to the supplier to ensure that it meets the requirements for your region. Another option is to have a professional make a recommendation or check the door before buying it. Anyone who moves into a new home in a hurricane prone area should get the garage door inspected. If it is not suitable you should replace it as quickly as possible.
  4. Don’t worry that a strong, storm ready garage door means one that is unattractive. Many doors that are capable of withstanding hurricanes are stylish and help to boost curb appeal.

One area of confusion for some homeowners is the between a hurricane garage door and one that has been reinforced to prevent wind damage. It is possible to by special add-ons for garage doors to make them stronger. Typically these are temporary solutions to last for the duration of a storm. It is not possible to operate the garage door while they are in place. The add-ons are posts installed between the floor and ceiling, that brace the door against the wind.

Hurricane Areas Across the U.S.A.

Basic Wind Speeds For Occupancy Category 2 Buildings And Other Structures

wind speed across the USA

Wind resistant doors are more convenient for people who might not have adequate time to prepare when a storm is imminent. Learn more about hurricane garage doors to protect your home and possessions. You can make changes to strengthen your existing door, but it pays to be ready for damaging winds. Give us a call at 813-885-3667. We’re located in the Tampa Bay area and provide all types of garage door repair and installation services to local homeowners and commercial property owners.

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Garage Door Hardware for Wind Load Garage Doors

High-grade carbon steel hinges add stability
High-grade carbon steel hinges add stability.
Top section roller-slide attached to U-bar resists force
Top section roller-slide attached to U-bar resists force.
Bottom section roller slide attached to U-bar resists force
Bottom section roller slide attached to U-bar resists force.
Quick install and heavy duty jamb brackets secure track to door frame
Quick install and heavy duty jamb brackets secure track to door frame.
3 inch commercial grade U-bars provide horizontal stability
3″ commercial grade U-bars provide horizontal stability.
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