Wish your sliding doors at home could be automated? Check out AutoSlide™

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Now they can be! AutoSlide™ is an amazing new sliding door automation system designed specifically for residential sliding doors.

The AutoSlide™ sliding door opener/closer is an affordable, easy to install product that will convert most existing manual sliding doors into fully automatic doors. The AutoSlide™ sliding door opener can be operated by several different methods, you can use convenient easily located wireless wall controls. You can use photo sensors that will open the door automatically. You can use a hand held remote control also. It even has a feature to allow your pets to open the AutoSlide™ with a sensor that is attached to their collar so AutoSlide™ knows when your pet is at the door to go out or come in.

The AutoSlide™ sliding door closer has a timer to close so you don’t have to worry about your sliding door being left open.

The AutoSlide’s™ compact universal design allows it to be easily adapted to suit different applications including header mount, floor mount, and will work either left or right opening sliding doors.

The AutoSlide™ is designed for easy DIY installation, which should take about an hour, or you can ask us about our professional installation.

So if you have ever wondered if your sliding doors could be automated, now the answer isYES!

We at The Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay are happy to answer all of your questions or concerns. Just click the button below and send us your information and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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