Dispelling 5 Common Myths About Changing Your Garage Door Springs

1) You have to replace both springs.

False. We recommend that you replace both springs, but you do not have to. If one spring has “cycled” out, usually the other spring is not far behindand unfortunately there is no way by looking at a spring to tell if it is going break tomorrow, next week, or next year.

2) You have to replace the cable drums when you replace springs. False. If a cable drum is cracked or broken, then by all means it should be replaced. But it does not need to be replaced just because a spring broke. If someone is telling you they need replaced, make them show you why.

3) You have to replace the lift cables. False. The lifting cables should be inspected when changing a spring (and at least once a year). If they are frayed or show signs of coming apart, by all means  they should be replaced.

4) You have to replace all the bearings.

False. The bearings should be inspected for excessive wear and damage when  the spring assembly has been dismantled and replaced only if they are  worn or damaged.

5) You have to replace the torsion tube.

False. If you are being told the torsion tube needs to be replaced, be sure and have the tech show you why. There are certainly times when the torsion tube would need to be replaced, but not very often. When the time comes (and it does with all garage doors) to replace your garage door springs, be sure and ask for a quote up front. Also be sure to ask if the company you  are using cuts springs on site or carries premade springs. It is difficult to match existing springs if you don’t cut them to size on the job. A double spring change should be around $250.00 unless other parts are necessary.

Don’t let unethical companies sell you parts that are not needed and run your bill up. Call The Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay and schedule a service today. Or click the button below and schedule an appointment online and save!

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