Benefits of a new Garage Door to your Home’s Value

Curb appeal is the initial impression a home makes on prospective buyers as they view it for the first time. It is a familiar term to real estate agents who understand the importance of presenting a home’s front exterior in an appealing manner. Many potential buyers will not even enter a home that looks shabby and neglected on the outside.

garage door adds curb appeal

A garage door takes up about 20-40 percent of the front of a typical home. A sagging, dented or worn out garage door can seriously lower your home’s perceived value. A garage door upgrade is relatively inexpensive, and the installation process is quick and easy. You may not need a new garage door, but an upgrade can make all the difference in convincing buyers they should take the time to see the inside of your home.

A Sensible Upgrade

Nearly everyone agrees that the most prominent architectural element in a modern home is the garage door, especially if the garage houses two or more vehicles. Replacing an old or damaged door will totally change the look of your home. Recent studies indicate that a new garage door offers the second highest return on investment when compared to other home improvements. Over 70 percent of homeowners surveyed indicated they believe their new garage door increased the value of their home.

Garage Door Styles

Garage doors are available in variety of styles and compositions including steel, wood, wood composite, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and molded plastic. Today’s garage doors incorporate advanced composite materials that are lightweight and exceptionally strong. Insulated doors are available for those who use their garage as a workshop or game room.

overhead door tampa garage doors

To enhance curb appeal, always match the garage door to the style of your home. The door should serve to compliment the exterior without creating visual confusion. It is important to determine if you want the door to stand out or simply blend in to the rest of your home’s decorative features. The color of the door must serve to balance the color of your house as well as the trim components.

Great Value and Curb Appeal

If you are looking for an affordable home improvement project with an excellent return on investment, consider upgrading to a modern, lightweight garage door. Replacement costs are reasonable, and the entire project can usually be completed in less than a day. Call us today to find out what options we have for your home!

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