Architectural Style of Your Home and Garage Door Styles

Bi-Folding-Door Garage DoorYou might think that choosing the right garage door isn’t something you need to pay a lot of attention to, but it can actually do a lot as far as first impressions go. Besides the appearance, you also need to think about functionality and durability. This means also considering the climate and the potential weather conditions.

Unfortunately, hurricanes are becoming more and more frequent and they can cause extensive damage to your garage door as well. Besides the hurricanes, you also need to think about the air in our area – it is quite salty and you need to pick the right materials that won’t corrode in salty air.

beautiful garage door in Tampa BayThe garage door styles available are metal, fiberglass, and wood. Steel garage doors often succumb to rust, but aluminum doors do not, making it a good choice for our area. Wood, fiberglass, and vinyl are also good choices for the Tampa Bay area because they don’t rust and they can take quite a beating from tropical storms and hurricanes.

The wood garage doors look the best but are an investment and you need to pay a lot of attention to maintenance. However, if your home features a rustic exterior, the wooden garage door is the most appropriate option. Consider Cedar, Hemlock, and Larch and pick what suits your taste best.

If you’re looking into something less expensive and more resistant, you can go for metal. Metal can withstand the stresses that go along with strong winds and hurricanes, but they do require regular maintenance to prevent rust. If you have an older house, steel will work great and you can also have the color of the door to match your home’s exterior. If you’re looking for lightweight durability, you want an aluminum garage door. Fiberglass isn’t only more resistant than wood but it’s also a great insulator.

After you’ve chosen the material that suits your house and your climate the best, it’s time to choose a garage door style that matches with the rest of your home’s exterior. There are many options to choose from these days, and you can even have your garage door custom made. If your house has a lot of windows, you can get some windows on your garage door as well. You can get a door that has similar details like your house exterior, the traditional carriage doors, or double-sided doors. You should also consider what color would work best with the rest of your house.

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