Amazing Garage Makeover Ideas that are Cheap and Easy

carriage-house-garage-door-overlayThe garage is one of the areas that collect clutter. Sometimes they collect a lot of clutter whether intentionally or unintentionally. Eventually it gets to the point that you can’t park your car in the garage, so you know it’s time to do something. A garage sale is always an option, or you could reorganize the garage with customized storage options. Once you get into the project, you may decide to do both.

Garage Renovation

A lot of garage owners don’t take advantage of vertical spaces and it should top any list of garage makeover ideas. You may be surprised how much space you can save by making use of all of the wall space in the garage. You can hang the leaf blower, shears, broom, weed eater, and many other items on pegboards. This will free up a lot of floor space.

Shelving is a wonderful way to take advantage of vertical space. Consider using shelving for items that cannot hang on the walls such as toolboxes or other boxes full of small items. Shelves are a great way to organize items like paint that you use to touch up scratches and spots throughout the house.

Build a loft area and you effectively add roughly half of your square footage back into the garage. Be careful when sizing the loft because you don’t want it to interfere with the normal operations of the garage door. Use the loft to store seasonal items such as life jackets, pool toys, skis, and snowboards.

Inexpensive Items for Garage RenovationsGarage Makeover Ideas with Pegboard

  • Pegboard – you can hang a lot of things on pegboard to make space in the garage.
    Make sure to use sturdy pegs, especially for heavier items like the weed eater.
  • Shelving – metal shelving is your best option for the garage because it is generally stronger than wood shelving.
  • Nails – this is a great alternative if you don’t want to purchase pegboard. You can put nails in specific areas to hang aluminum lawn chairs, garden utensils, or nearly anything else.
  • Bins – storage bins are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You probably have several of these in the garage as it is. You can stack them on shelving or stack them on top of each other. We recommend using a piece of plywood between them if you stack them on each other because they may begin to lean otherwise.
  • Hanging Racks – bike racks and other specialty racks are available for larger items. We strongly recommend using them to help organize your garage.

Contact Overhead Door of Tampa if you’re in the market for a new garage door and want some additional garage makeover ideas. We don’t necessarily help organize your garage, but we can help make sure your garage door is capable of protecting your belongings as it should. You can reach us at our Tampa office at 813-885-DOOR, our Daytona Beach office at 386-226-3820, or our Tallahassee office at 850-386-DOOR.

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