A Wide Range of Garage Doors for Florida Homeowners

You may think that a garage door has little or even nothing to do with the curb appeal or the efficiency of your home. In most cases, you might not even notice a home’s garage door. That’s likely because when they’re in good shape and close properly, they can sometimes fade into the background. Many people are surprised when they discover the wide range of selection we have in garage doors for Florida homes, and the right door can make all the difference in your home’s appearance.

We have a door that will suit the style of your home and will fit your budget. You can choose from steel, aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl, or you might find the different look of a wood or carriage-style door to be a better reflection of your personal taste. With our online garage door designer, you can try out any of our door styles to see what your house would look like. We’re certain that you’ll be surprised by the transformation.

Overhead Door even has more efficient garage doors for Florida heat. With our insulated Thermacore® garage door, you’ll find that the garage stays a little cooler in the summer and a little warmer in the winter. That’s good news for your wallet because the closer your garage temperature is to the inside of your house, the less your heating and cooling system has to compensate for what’s coming from the garage.

Replacing your existing garage door has the potential to lower your homeowner’s insurance rates, as well. Insurance companies know that an expertly installed garage door lowers the risk of significant wind damage to your home in a severe storm or hurricane. Just like well-built roofs, garage doors in Florida that are installed properly can strengthen the structure of your home and significantly lower the chances of damage. These are things that insurance agencies take into consideration when determining your rates.

If you’re considering a minor face-lift for your house, give us a call at Overhead Doors. Our team of experts can show you the whole range of garage doors Florida homeowners prefer.

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