A Wide Range of Garage Door Styles to Choose From

Three Popular Garage Door Styles

When it comes to the world of garage doors, people have the wrong impression. Too often, people assume that these are just one sided upgrades. You get a motor in place and you click a button so that they open. You can paint them, and you’ll have something that is functional, more than it is visually pleasing. That’s the past…because the present is quite interesting in terms of garage door style with frames and upgrades that you can choose now. For those who are interested in changing the look and feel of the garage door on their property, there are several styles to consider. The following are just three of the hottest garage door styles that you can take a look at.

Modern Garage DoorsModern Aluminum Garage Doors (Metal)

The metal framed and material that comes with this modern design element creates a sleek, industrial look. These can pair well within modern lighting motifs, and much more. These are elegant, sleek, and can be equipped with modern controllers so that you can have things open up with relative ease. The strength of the door is second to none, and it truly mixes function and fashion, so to speak.

Insulated Steel Garage Doors (Mixed Components)

These heavy doors come with various design elements. From the idea of carriage house doors to farm rustic appeal, these mixed medium doors can really change the way that you think about the garage. Once again, you can tie technology to these and ensure that they look and feel like modern designed door frames, and get an upgrade without breaking the bank. Whether you need one or a double set, these have a design contribution that will definitely change your perception fast.

windload-garage-door-thermacore-908-golden-oak-650x250Wooden Garage Doors

Those that have a more rustic approach to design will like the craft wood doors that can be put into place. Hardwood lends itself quite well to strength, design elements and unique flow to a garage door. One look at the finish of the door as it complements your existing exterior design, and you’ll be glad you upgraded to this option. There is a certain natural feel that comes with natural wood framing, which makes this style one of the more prominent. Wood framing and core design concepts can give your home a touch of the wilderness, even if you’re living in the suburbs.

The above are just three of the styles that you can look into. They do not represent all of the styles that are available, but you can definitely get a good selection from these ideas. When you decide it’s time for an upgrade, call an Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay garage door professional to get things set up correctly. You’ll find that our staff of experienced garage door technicians can transform the look and feel of your home’s garage with relative ease.

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