Home Upgrading: Why You Should Consider Going Smart

New Smart Home Product to Explore from the Garage Door to the Thermostat

LiftMaster MyQ Enabled Garage Door OpenerHave you been wondering if it is worth the time and money to upgrade your dumb home to a smart home? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to control certain functions of your home from your mobile phone? If you answered yes to either of those, then you need to consider all the great benefits to be derived from going smart when it comes to home upgrading.

There’s no need to fear that you cannot afford to make your home smarter. Small changes can start you in the right direction and will not cost you a lot. Best of all, you can operate the various devices using just the internet and a smart device such as an iPhone or Android device.

Improved Security

Security is one of the most popular uses of smart home technology and at the top of most people’s home upgrading list. You can now log in on a mobile device and check in at home or you can get alerts if there is any movement detected when no one is at home. You can program these security cameras and devices to record videos at particular times of the day or upon the onset of motion if you want.

Smart Home Products for Home UpgradingSafety

Many fires are caused by stoves that are accidentally left on when no one is at home. With the click of a button or by sending a command, you can use your mobile device to turn off stoves or lights even if you are not home. This leap in technology dramatically reduces the probability of a house fire.


In today’s fast spaced world, the ability to get things done quicker and without too much human input is important. Many smart home devices are now making this possible. For instance, the Autoslide automatic sliding door system allows pets to go outside and come back inside without help. Devices such as NEST Thermostat and other similar devices make it easy to control the temperature at home even when you are not there. Better yet, some of these devices will learn your behavior and preferences and act even without any input from you. Some can be programmed to send you a message that the temperature is higher than it should be.

Money Saving

In these times just about everyone is looking to save money. With the right type of home automation devices, you can realize savings in utility bills. Smart homes are using better and more cost-effective lighting and HVAC systems. You can turn off lights when no one is at home and turn them on when you want to for security reasons.

At Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay, we can get your home upgrading started with a system that uses smart technology to control your thermostat, your garage door and your lighting. Check out our LiftMaster MyQ System if you are serious about making your house smarter. Want some additional information, call us at 813-885-DOOR and speak to a smart home specialist today.

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