Get Your Home Hurricane Ready with Hurricane Garage Doors

Get Your Home Hurricane Ready with a Windload Garage Door

jeanne092404-1945zIf you live in the hurricane belt along the Florida coast, June 1st is the official start of the hurricane season. We’re now officially at the beginning of hurricane season, and we really want to make sure all Tampa Bay homeowners are ready. Anyone who has been through a hurricane knows the beating that a garage door can take from the heavy winds and torrential rains.

More than just damage to the garage door, heavy winds can tear the doors from their hinges and cause damage to the home as well. There is also the risk of serious damage to motor vehicles in your garage from flying debris. If your garage is used as storage, your important items can be affected by water that blows in during a storm.

One of the most vulnerable parts of your house when it comes to hurricane wind is your garage door because of its exposed location. Because they cover a large surface area, they are especially susceptible to pressure caused by very strong winds. As such, garage doors used in hurricane prone areas must be made from a top quality material to be able to keep your home’s envelope tightly sealed. As long as you can keep the winds out, you can worry less about property damage.

garage_doors_largeDepending on the category of the hurricane, once your garage door is damaged, heavy wind and water can damage the windows and doors of your house as well. So, the best solution is to install hurricane ready windload garage doors in the first place. The right hurricane garage doors have to be wind resistant, water resistant and must be able to take a pounding. Some of the damages we see most often include:

All of these features are important as big hurricanes such as a category 5 can have winds exceeding 156 miles per hour. Accompanying any hurricane is torrential rain and the rainfall can last for days, so the material used for these doors has to be able to prevent water from coming in. Even if there is no heavy wind, the hurricane season tends to be rainy season as well. Being strong enough to resist flying debris such as street signs, fallen trees and other objects flung about during a hurricane is also important.

If you are not using hurricane garage doors, you need to give us a call.  We supply and install quality hurricane ready  garage doors that have been given the Miami-Dade Notice of Approval. Protect your family and property by installing a hurricane rated door. This is the type of investment worth making.

Take advantage of Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay’s June Special. Get a FREE Hurricane Garage Door Inspection performed by one of our trained garage door professionals. Call us at 813-885-DOOR (3667) and schedule your free inspection today!

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