Garage Door Maintenance or Installation in Tampa Bay

Garage Door Maintenance or Installation in Tampa Bay

Garage door maintenance is just another part of home ownership. We, as responsible adults, are required to take care of our possessions if we want to keep them in tip top shape. Today we’re going to go over some monthly maintenance tips that you can do on your own time between professional inspections and maintenance.

garage-door-maintenance-mesa-arizonaVisual Inspection

One of the most important things you can do is keep an eye on your garage door. Pay special attention to the way it moves so you notice small changes if something goes wrong. Stand inside the garage once per month and really look at all of the cables, rollers, pulleys, and hardware to make sure there are no obvious signs of damage. Call us if you see something that isn’t quite right.

Door Balance Test

Test your garage door once a month to make sure it is properly balanced. Lift the door manually – you may need to disconnect it from the automatic garage door opener if you have one – and make sure the door opens smoothly and remains open. If it does not open smoothly and remain open without assistance, it may need to be balanced.

Test Safety Mechanisms

The photo eye and force setting should be tested once per month to ensure proper functionality. These mechanisms protect users from entrapment and help prevent accidents involving faulty garage doors. To perform the tests:

Photo Eye Test

  • Open the garage door completely.
  • Push the button to close the door.
  • Break the beam by waving something in front of the photo eye. If the door doesn’t immediately reverse, call us for troubleshooting help.

Force Setting Test

  • Open the garage door completely.
  • Push the button to close the door.
  • Hold the bottom of the door up with your arms stiff. If the door does not reverse and continues to close, move your hands immediately and call us.


garage-door-track-maintenanceThe garage door does not have to be lubricated once per month. You will, however, need to apply spray lubricant to the hinges, rollers, and tracks twice a year. Steer clear of lubricants like WD-40 and stick with a high quality lubricant that won’t drip onto your car. We offer a great lubricant for sale at our showroom if you don’t have one already.

Quick Safety Tip: Make sure everyone in the household knows you’re going to be testing the garage door functions, and they need to avoid the garage for a few minutes. Take the opportunity to teach others in the household how to perform monthly maintenance and safety tests so you can rely on them for help from time to time.

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