Garage Door School: Choosing the Best Garage Door

How to Choose the Best Garage Door for Your Home or Commercial Property

The best way to gauge the age of your garage door or garage door opener is to assume it was installed when the home was built. You should also check to see if there is a transferable warranty from the previous owner. A 10 year old garage door system is still relatively new in terms of functionality and safety. A 20 year old system, on the other hand, may need some repair work or to be replaced so you can take advantage of the newest safety mechanisms. Let’s look at some door types and how to choose the best garage door for your home or commercial property.

Garage Door Types

  • best garage door with wood textureWood: All garage doors were originally wood, so some property owners want to stick with the original material. Wood doors require more maintenance than other types because they are susceptible to insects and rot. Clean them regularly and seal them at least every other year to prevent problems with water.
  • Steel: This is the most durable option because it will not dent very easily. They’re a great deterrent for would-be thieves. They can be purchased unfinished so you can paint them or in a finished color that complements the home’s existing exterior.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum and steel doors look very similar, but aluminum doors weigh much less than steel. They are the least expensive option, they do not rust easily, and they are available in solid colors or a faux wood texture.
  • best garage door with windows tampaWood Composite: Garage doors made from composite materials are very strong and provide excellent results for people who are looking for wood doors without the cost. They can be painted or stained to match the home’s exterior, and they’re less likely to succumb to issues like splitting, rot, and insect infestations.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass doors are created using aluminum frames and fiberglass body panels. They are resistant to dents and damage, and can be painted to match the home. They’re the most lightweight option, which makes them easy to open and close and puts less stress on the garage door opener. Many Florida property owners choose fiberglass because it’s impervious to saltwater and will not rust.

Where to Buy the Best Garage Door

commercial rolling steel door in black tampa best garage doorThe first step should be to research and select a professional garage door company that is licensed and insured. The Overhead Door Company has proudly served the Tampa Bay area homeowners with quality garage doors and professional service for more than 60 years. We’re the winner of the Women’s Choice Award for America’s Most Recommended Garage Doors for three years and running. Our dedication to the community is a high priority and are proud to be a Partner in Hope with Metropolitan Ministries. The annual donation drives we conduct with them are vital to helping them support those in need in Tampa Bay. We believe that it’s what’s behind the garage door that matters. For a free consultation on your residential or commercial project, please call 813-885-DOOR or email us at

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